House Portraits

Watercolor Paintings by Laura Tasheiko

Professional grade Watercolor Painting 11"x15" (frames to 16"x20") $450.00

from your photo(s).  Contact me with questions.



Watercolor by Laura Tasheiko, Maine Artist

Colorado Mountain Home




Massachusetts Home




Connecticut Home




Massachusetts Home



Rural Maine



Rae'sHouse.jpg (40186 bytes)

Illinois Home



VickersReMax.jpg (33022 bytes)

Mid West




MGhaulHouse.jpg (29800 bytes)

Pennsylvania Home



CvgtnMSHouse.jpg (37995 bytes)

Mississippi Home



WmJHouse.jpg (42282 bytes)

Ohio Home



AugevichHP.jpg (38447 bytes)

New Hampshire Home



Intown Belfast, Maine



Winter Home



Ohio Home


3/8"H x 1.5"L section of garden




Missouri Home



Maryland Home



Missouri Home




Texas Home


Oklahoma Home



Oklahoma Barn







New York State



Southern Maine Classic!



West Virginia Home



Coastal Maine



Southern California



. .

Ohio House


Send photo(s).

I prefer actual photos which will be returned with painting, but jpgs might be ok, too


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